Community Shops

A team of young volunteers inspired by the Gandhian values and ideas came together in 1989 to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged kids and mothers. India like many other countries is facing several problems like education, poverty, population, environment, health and many more. With the guidance and support of organizations like Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh and Safai vidyalay Gandhi Ashram, it became apparent that lack of education and illiteracy have lot to do with most of our problems.

Community Shops, or cShops, is an Internet storefront that allows grassroots communities to sell their goods online, gives consumers a chance to participate in social change, and provides an opportunity for volunteers to increase the charity in their lives.

It is impossible for a Government or limited NGOs to tackle all the problems and lead India in to a brighter and batter future. As a part of a collective effort and like a drop in the ocean, Manav Sadhna is trying to make some difference from a quiet comer of Gandhi Ashram.


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