Santa Claus and Laughing Buddha

Quick!!! Who looks fat, has a big tummy, wears a red cloak, carries a big sack, is surrounded by children, is loved by one and all and is always laughing heartily? "Santa Claus!" say those from the West. "Laughing Buddha" say the Chinese. And both answers would be right.

There are so many similarities between Santa Claus and the Laughing Buddha that don’t just stop at the physical similarities. Their alikeness transcends the red cloak they both wear, the big broad smile of pure happiness on their faces, their fat tummies and the huge sack they both carry.

More significantly, both Santa Claus and the Laughing Buddha are associated with the notion of “bringing the gift of happiness� to everyone and particularly to children. But while Santa is closely associated with the season of Christmas, Laughing Buddha or Mi Lo Fa (as he is known in Chinese) is welcomed, celebrated and invited into homes, restaurants and businesses all through the year.


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