Things are looking great in Istalif

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Istalif was a favorite tourist destination prior to the wars that began in 1978. Graced with famous mineral springs, Istalif survived the war years until the Taliban destroyed all the homes and shops, ancient grapevines and huge mulberry trees late in the war.

"Things are looking great in Istalif. The work on the shops is active and everyone is working so hard to beat the winter. There is such an energy here and it is so touching that this project has brought so much hope and happiness to this people of Istalif who have suffered so much hardship."

Restoring this village from it's economic base outwards would be an inspiration to Afghans. A school in this village has been rebuilt and people are slowly coming back, but the shops where people sold crafts and other goods were a vital part of the self-sustainability of Istalif. Rebuilding the shops will draw tourists from overcrowded Kabul and revitalize the economy.

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