pay close attention

We need to pay close attention and be aware of our body and its actions, of our speech and what we say, and of our hearts and minds, and what we think and feel. We must be on the lookout for the slightest negativity and keep asking ourselves such questions as, "Am I happier when my thoughts and emotions are negative and destructive or when they are wholesome?" "What is the nature of consciousness? Does it exist in and of itself, or does it exist in dependence on other factors?" We need to think, think, think. We should be like a scientist who collects data, analyzes it, and draws the appropriate conclusion. Gaining insight into our own negativity is a lifelong task, and one which is capable of almost infinite refinement. But unless we undertake it, we will be unable to see where to make the necessary changes in our life."

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

from "Ethics For the New Millennium," page 91
(Riverhead Books of Penguin Putnam, 1999)


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