An English parish church

I have no difficulty in returning to this place, and standing here once again. It is the same place, it is more than the same place, and years of personal history are here in the earth beneath my feet. In this village, my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Robert Fripp died in 1752. My Grandfather Austin lived in the cottage next to the church (to the left of this j-peg) shortly after he left the Royal Marines (c.1930). At Fernhill House, my Aunt Betty was in service & lived in the attic c. 1931-2. This was my home from 1980-1987. It was from Fernhill House that I walked to the Church to marry Toyah on May 16th. 1986. Where I stand is where we buried my Father in 1984, and my Mother in 1993.

The spirit of place has power. This is the Fripp family village; my fate line is rooted here, but destiny took me elsewhere.

Robert Fripp


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