I've been feeling rather nostalgic of late... you know, (assuming you're over 30 enough to miss something) "where did the last thirty years go." "Where is that large automobile?, This is not my beautiful wife.." and so on... Thirty years ago, this December 31st/January 1st, sometime before and after midnight, I was standing on Hollywood blvd. with Arja, my ex, blatantly smoking dope with thousands of other people, in 'celebration' of Cali's decriminalization of pot laws that went into effect in '76. No point to the story, other than I was there, and was part of it. Now I'm old and don't do shit. Nostalgic, as I said...

Under these provisions as later amended S.B. 95 required the destruction of records of any court or public agency pertaining to an arrest or conviction for possessing marijuana, other than concentrated cannabis, or for giving away or transporting not more than one ounce of ordinary marijuana where the arrest and/or conviction occurred after January 1, 1976, in which case such records could not be kept beyond two years from the date of conviction, or from the date of arrest if there was no conviction. No civil or collateral disabilities or penalties could attach to an individual as a result of a prior marijuana misdemeanor offense, once the records are destroyed or two years had passed.


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