Inner Algebra

PhotoSince this equation is so simple, you probably know the answer just by looking at it.
"These pages contain the text of the book Inner Algebra. Its premise is that mathematicians use their mind in certain ways that result in math being easy for them, and most people can learn to do the same."

How easy or hard it is to solve does not matter - we are going to do something else entirely with it. Imagine that you have written this equation in big letters and numbers on a 3 by 5 card, like this: Imagine that this card is floating in front of you, where you can see it. It's at a comfortable distance. You can move it around by imagining it. You want be able to see each individual symbol, 'x', '+', '2', '=' and '3', and their position in space relative to each other. Practice this until you can consistently see the equation on the card. It does not matter if you do it with your eyes open or shut. It can help to write the equation on a real 3x5 card, and glance at it as an aid. By the way, you certainly do NOT need to discern it in great detail. If, in your imagination, you can recognize each of the five symbols, and get the order right, that's all that is necessary. In other words, as long as YOU can tell that the first symbol is an 'x', even if it does not really look anything like it, that's fine - you are the only one who will ever see it anyway! Now, take the image and move it around. Move it a few inches left, right, up and down. (Your head is motionless. You are getting practice at controlling where you put the image that you see mentally.) Again, practice this until you can consistently do it. Now make the image of the equation bigger and smaller. You are zooming in and out. Make it twice its original size. Make it half its original size. Practice until you can do it consistently.

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