Judging Judges

From the Historical Events By Modern Standards department:
"Judges starts as someone leads an army that slaughters 10,000 men in battle (Judges 1:4), then hunts down their king and cuts off his thumbs and big toes, apparently because that king had done the same thing to seventy other kings whom he kept as slaves (Judges 1:5-7).(Judges 1:8-11)

I've been reading through the book of Judges lately, and it raised a number of issues in my mind. One issue is that my usual defense of America ("Ah, it ain't as bad as people make it out to be.") really crumbles within the context of the pattern of Judges. Consider the pattern of, "God's people sin, God judges them, God's people cry out, God delivers them," and note that it seems to be a descending spiral, getting worse with each cycle. Perhaps we're worse off than I realized. Anyway, Judges is a fascinating book, and a great example of why banning books is just foolish. The Bible contains every kind of anything you might want to ban, and we let kids carry it around. So what's the problem?


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