Weird Art

Unusual Disturbing Artwork by Christa Esquitin

This section is meant to display my more twisted art. I try to keep it separate because it tends to offend people who like the cutesy stuff and vice versaThe weird Art came about from a theory / experiment in transferring of emotions. My theory about 'good' art is that it conveys a thought or feeling. Therefore you could think of a painting as a transporter of feelings or moods. My thought was that if the feelings could be captured and transported, then would they stay in the painting. Do they re-produce to stay in the art and go into the person who views it? By this could I remove bad feelings from myself by putting them on paper and into someone else. I imagined that I could take all of the ugliness I see, put it on paper and it would go away from me. In some ways I think it has been successful. In other ways I come here and see all of the horrors together all at once. So do you feel bad after looking at these paintings??

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