Zazen and Knowing

Within each of us is the strong urge to pursue comfortable sensations, emotional contentment, and intellectual understanding as far as these can be pursued. In other words, an essential human habit is the compulsive desire for possessing all pleasant things as the objects and contents of conscious experiences (as physical sensations and intellectual understanding). This is something that drives us from deep inside ourselves. It can even be said that for human beings, living with consciousness, what can be known as the content of consciousness is everything. ("What-is-known-is-everything-ism").

Surely, such people think they are earnestly seeking something lofty (=seeking the Way), but ultimately, this is nothing more than the manifestation of ordinary, deluded mind that frantically wants to possess certain sensations, emotions, and understanding within the sphere of their own knowing. You can get an idea of this frame of mind if you think of someone who wants to indulge in a feeling of joy by putting something of great value into his/her secret box.

My Zazen Sakyu Notebook (14)
Rev. Issho Fujita
Pioneer Valley Zendo

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