Cornelius Cardew- Composer


...as a musician and concert organiser he was responsible for many first performances including Boulez's "Structures " with Richard Rodney Bennet at RAM; as well as the music of Cage, Stockhausen, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Wolff, Rzewski, etc, etc. In London he took a course in graphic design and worked intermittently as a graphic artist/researcher throughout the rest of his life ...He was a founder member of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) 1979. He had just initiated work in Britain on the Second International Sports and Cultural Festival which was held during 1982, and had begun a Masters Degree in Musical Analysis at King's College London when he was tragically killed on the 13th December 1981 by a hit and run driver near his home in Leyton, East London. Cornelius was widely known in Britain and throughout the world not only for his avant-garde compositions but also as a political composer and for his position in contemporary music.

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