The Kubby Chronicles


A human's right to care for his or her body as he or she choses,
"This is no more about Marijuana than the Boston Tea Party was about Tea."
should be recognized by governments. What we put into our bodies to heal us and keep us balanced or relieve our pain, is our right. Especially if that person is suffering from a serious and rare type of cancer. This is a game of chicken and Steve doesn't have much of a chance. He has been stripped of all rights, including his right to the special diet he needs. Steve can have a blood pressure attack from eating a bar of chocolate or eating foods with MSG in them. In addition, most low quality meats, like those served in jails, are full of steroids, which are basically food for Steve's tumor to eat and then make even more adrenaline chemicals to rack his body. Unless he can eat his very limited diet of tofu, dill, garlic, and hemp oil salad, plus his oatmeal cookies, he is going stimulate the tumor even more to produce adrenaline chemicals.

"I'm running for Governor because I'm fed up with bad government, corrupt politicians, and arrogant officials. Like you, I'd like the government to support my liberty, protect and serve my family, respect my personal property and stop passing and enforcing laws that assume I have the intelligence of a child."

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