Leaderless Resistance: a necessary philosophy for the 21st century


The following is a short description of the basic logic behind the idea of "Leaderless Resistance" - according to my view. Being short, it obviously lacks detail, but then, that is in large part the beauty of the concept. Each individual can easily tailor a unique approach, while pursuing a common goal. Since we don't need to sell a lie, it is not necessary to have a 'dear leader' specifying uniform talking points and/or actions. Once familiar with Leaderless Resistance, we can get acquainted with WOC (Withdrawal Of Consent), LR's natural, and equally fascinating mate - the one providing the punch.

What we know - because it stares us in the face:

1) The most hopelessly confused nations today have endless organizations, organisms and committees on a 'community' level, not to mention the all permeating political apparatus.
2) All these structures are either created or soon infiltrated and/or subverted by a species of virtual clones, whose main talent (usually the only talent) is to twist words into intricate pretzels. Intriguing to look at but unsafe to ingest.
3) These verbal 'virtuosi' are backed by unlimited financial resources. Their masters - not what masquerades as our governments - create the stuff out of thin air - as needed.
4) Our so called governments have been turned into simple enforcer pretzels by and for the same masters. If you don't think the communitarian groupthink, you are unelectable - even for dog catcher.
5) Community as an organic structure has virtually ceased to exist. The only time we see our neighbors is at highly manipulated 'community' events, over the obligatory, precisely specified fence - or in court.


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