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"Help me, help me," pleaded the man, who appeared to be a bystander like Richard.

Richard lifted up the man's shirt, saw a bullet wound, and noticed the man kicking at something.

"I thought he had been hit by a stray bullet," Richard said. "Then I looked closer as to what he was kicking at and it was either a Mongols vest or a Mongols coat."

He concluded the man had abandoned his colors.

"That's when I became even more concerned, because my thoughts were that if he was a Mongol then whoever shot him might be coming to shoot him and finish him and I'm assisting him, might think that we're brothers or friends."

He asked the Mongol if he had any weapons and the man pulled out a knife and put it in the coin tray of a nearby slot machine.

Buhr, the blackjack dealer, said he saw a Hells Angels member firing a gun six to 10 times. "I could see him moving his fingers," he testified.

He said a Hells Angels member later reloaded his weapon in the pit, where Buhr and others were hiding.

"I said, `Hey, buddy, get out of the pit, because if somebody starts to shoot at you, all the rest of us are in danger. Now you're, you know, you're using us as a shield basically.' "

Southern, also a blackjack dealer, said he saw one Hells Angel come to the aid of a wounded comrade.

"During the shootout there was a Hells Angel that grabbed a friend of his who had been shot but was still alive and literally dragged him, propped him up with his back against the blackjack table."

"Another one of his friends was kind of running guard over him and had a big crescent wrench out and was literally attacking anyone that came within 20 or 30 feet of him. `This is my area. I'm protecting my friend here, get away.' "

"Somebody came around the corner and started up towards him and this man with the crescent wrench, it's a big long crescent wrench, real heavy, literally jumped up, ran after him, buried it in his head, and then turned around and ran back to watch his friend again."


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