Blowin' a joint goes hi-tek

Now that you understand vaporization better and can consistently get a good hit there are some finer points to consider. There are two good ways to increase efficiency of the vaporizer. The first, is to stir the bowl between hits with the included poker being careful not to poke through the screen. To more evenly cook the bowl, you can stir the material and change which of it is receiving the hot air first. Second, you can rotate the glass bowl around its long(symmetrical) axis while you are taking a hit. This is helpful because heat rises and so the hot air heats the top edge of the bowl more than the bottom edge of the bowl. During rotation, you slowly change the instantaneous top of the bowl, thereby vaporizing the bowl more evenly. Rotating the bowl too fast can require drawing in slower in order to maximize your hit. Once again, experiment to find the way that works most efficiently for you.

Also, as you inhale you draw heat off of the vaporizer and cool it down slightly. This means that there is a slight refractory period between hits while the vaporizer heats back up. Another side affect of this is that the iron is hotter at the beginning of a hit than at the end. If you really wanted to maximize the efficiency of your hit, you will learn to draw faster towards the beginning of the hit and slowly decrease the speed with which you inhale as the vaporizer cools. This technique is not something which can be mastered immediately.


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