A Day without a Mexican?

So let me get this right, we are going to have to suffer through "A Day without a Mexican' to more appreciate those citizens of Mexico who have broken into our country? Ok, I think I get it; it is ok for someone to break into your home as long as they do the dishes. I got it!

Will the organizers also demand we have a day without social services, education, health benefits and a day without filling our jails? Will we have a day of ordering our food to someone who speaks English? I wonder if they will then demand a ?Day Back to Mexico? to really teach us a lesson. It is completely ungrateful for a people to demand respect from a culture that has sheltered, employed and educated them. All we get from the world is jealously and envy. Stop whining and go build your own country and stop crossing the desert into ours.

As Mexicans, demand respect from Mexican President Fox and fight for a nation worth staying in. You are poor because of Mexico ? not the United States. You have hope and opportunity because of America, and you are a guest in our home, EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE NOT INVITED.

You wish to leave the oppressive government of Mexico and try to import their corrupt culture to America! Sorry, we would rather have a ?Day without a Mexican? than a ?Country like Mexico.? If you are proud of Mexico do not demand Spanish in our classroom ? demand a bus ticket to Mexico. Do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles ? celebrate it in Mexico City.

Mexico was colonized by the Europeans, just like America. The only difference is that they spoke Spanish, and English was spoken in America. The Europeans still dominate the Mexican culture, language and jobs. That is why the ?Indians? who are running across the border speak Spanish and not Aztec or Mayan. As I have said many times, there are no ?Mexicans? crossing the border illegally. Mexicans are crossing at the border at the checkpoints to work or visit as tourists. People you see crossing the borders illegally are the ?Indians? of Mexico being discriminated against by the Europeans dominating the Mexican culture.

If it is dignity you want, earn it. Do not demonstrate in Dallas, march in Tijuana, ask for equal rights from Washington, DC, or return to Mexico and demand it from Mexico City. You are being forced out of your country by a government that has always hated you. You want to take the Southwest United States back for the Aztecs? Great, start with Mexico. The Spaniards took it from the Indians and now their European descendants are forcing them to march across the desert to pick crops in America. Where is your anger? Where is your courage? Do not march and protest here where it is free; protest where the real problems are and where the real fight exists.

America became a great country in part by how we faced discrimination. Indians, Black folks and their European counterparts finally had to face the problem. It took us a long time and it was very difficult and the process made us great. Black Americans tried escaping to other countries instead of fighting for dignity here. It did not work for us and it will not work for the oppressed Indians of Mexico. America is great because America has faced great challenges. You want a ?Day without a Mexican?? Try having a Day without America!? God bless America!


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