Tom 'to eat afterbirth'

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Sofa leaping father-to-be Tom Cruise has revealed his latest bizarre plan - to eat Katie Holmes' placenta.

In an admission which seems to prove Cruise desperate to stay in the headlines, the Mission Impossible star has apparently vowed to eat Katie's placenta straight after she has given birth as he believes it will be very nutritious. The admission is just the latest in a long line of crazy outbursts which Tom has appeared adamant to shock the world with. Just days ago the star completely backtracked on comments he had made, saying that Katie would have to give birth in complete silence and that she should not scream. Surprising as it may seem, Tom is not the only person to have odd placenta wishes- after the birth, some women take a piece of paper and lay the placenta on it and later frame it and hang it on the wall! Eating the placenta, placentophagia, is practised in many parts of the world- famously back in 1998, a British television chef fried it and served it to all of his guests! Showbiz couple Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster took home their baby's placenta and buried it in the garden.

The act may appear odd to many, but it is believed eating the placenta helps avoid postnatal depression and is deemed as normal in many cultures.


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