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In Memory of dle Senior - June 2, 1915 - October 24, 1984
Cpl, 5th Marines
Veteran of the Pacific Campaign: Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, New Guinea

American girls and American guys, will always stand up and salute.
We'll always recognize, when we see ol' glory flying,
There's a lot of men dead,
So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our heads.
My daddy served in the army where he lost his right eye,
But he flew a flag out in our yard 'til the day that he died.
He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me.
To grow up and live happy in the land of the free.

Now this nation that I love is fallin' under attack.
A mighty sucker-punch came flying in from somewhere in the back.
Soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye,
Man, we lit up your world like the fourth of July.

Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list,
And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist.
And the eagle will fly and it's gonna be hell,
When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell.
And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you.
Ah, brought to you, courtesy of the red, white and blue.

Oh, justice will be served and the battle will rage:
This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage.
An' you'll be sorry that you messed with the U.S. of A.
'Cos we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way.

Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list,
And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist.
And the eagle will fly and it's gonna be hell,
When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell.
And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you.
Ah, brought to you, courtesy of the red, white and blue.

Oh, oh.
Of the red, white and blue.
Oh, hey, oh.
Of my Red, White and Blue.

Keith Toby -- (The Angry American) Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue

May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy

Do you realize the responsibility I carry? I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House.

John F. Kennedy


May 28, 1945 -- John Fogerty

In the last two years or so, I've made a conscious decision to play American guitars; I don't know of a more subtle way to say it.

Happy Birthday, John Fogerty


Mary Jane Trumps Joe Camel

It seems logical that inhaling enough smoke will give you lung cancer. But a new study of Los Angeles residents suggests that smoking marijuana--even more than 22,000 joints in a lifetime--doesn't increase cancer risk. The results surprise many researchers, who point out marijuana has other ill health effects.
The results surprised Tashkin. "I wouldn't give [marijuana] a clean bill of health, but at least this study says if there is a risk, it's very small," he says. Still, he says, marijuana has been shown to suppress the immune system and may increase the risk of pneumonia.
Decades of research have shown that cigarette smoking dramatically increases the risk of certain cancers. But controversy surrounds the risk of smoking weed. A 1999 study of blood donors suggested a link between marijuana and head and neck cancer, but a larger study in 2004 found no such connection. Still, work in the lab suggests marijuana can be dangerous. For example, pot smoke contains more of some cancer-causing chemicals than cigarettes do, thanks to the filterless nature of joints.

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Ben's 12 Rules

1. Finish better than your beginnings.

2. All education is self-education.

3. Seek first to manage yourself, then to manage others.

4. Influence is more important than victory.

5. Work hard and watch your costs.

6. Everybody wants to appear reasonable.

7. Create your own set of values to guide your actions.

8. Incentive is everything.

9. Create solutions for seemingly impossible problems.

10. Become a revolutionary for experimentation and change.

11. Sometimes it?s better to do 1,001 small things right than only one large thing right.

12. Deliberately cultivate your reputation and legacy.

Few realize that long before Benjamin Franklin became a patriot and a founding father, his success as a business owner, money lender and entrepreneur allowed him to retire at the age of 42(*) and pursue other interests -- interests that benefited his community (Philadelphia), his province (Pennsylvania), his country (the 13 colonies), and the world at large.

Franklin is not only looked up to for his scientific, political and humanitarian contributions, but, according to Blaine McCormick of Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business, Franklin was also one of America's stellar business leaders, as attested to by the business leaders who followed him in his footsteps. Some noteworthy examples of those who have adopted Franklin as their model include: Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Mellon, Warren Buffet, Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey.

In addition, Franklin and his wife, Deborah, owned a mercantile store that included the sale of wines, medicines, Franklin soap, lottery tickets, iron stoves, mariner's instruments, Rhode Island Cheese, quills, ink, pencils, Bohea tea, coffee, candles, watches, maps, lightning rods, barrels of cod, sperm oil, and purchased rags for paper production. It should be noted that Deborah, for many years, oversaw and managed many of the Franklin enterprises while her husband was away in England as a business/political agent (lobbyist) for the colonies of Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Thus, Deborah Franklin can be considered one of our country's first successful business women.

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Miles Davis
May 26, 1926 -- September 26, 1991

My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life.

Miles Davis

Ralph Waldo Emerson
May 25, 1803 -- April 27, 1882

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Unicorn

A long time ago, when the earth was green
And there was more kinds of animals than you've ever seen,
And they run around free while the world was bein' born,
And the lovliest of all was the Unicorn.
There was green alligators and long-neck geese.
There was humpy bumpy camels and chimpanzees.
There was cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
The lovliest of all was the Unicorn.
But the Lord seen some sinnin', and it caused him pain.
He says, "Stand back, I'm gonna make it rain."
He says, "Hey Brother Noah, I'll tell ya whatcha do.
Go and build me a floatin' zoo.
And you take two alligators and a couple of geese,
Two humpy bumpy camels and two chimpanzees.
Take two cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
Noah, don't you forget my Unicorns."
Now Noah was there, he answered the callin'
And he finished up the ark just as the rain was fallin'.
He marched in the animals two by two,
And he called out as they went through,
"Hey Lord, I got your two alligators and your couple of geese,
Your humpy bumpy camels and your chimpanzees.
Got your cats and rats and elephants--but Lord, I'm so forlorn
'Cause I just don't see no Unicorns."
Ol' Noah looked out through the drivin' rain
But the Unicorns were hidin', playin' silly games.
They were kickin' and splashin' in the misty morn,
Oh them silly Unicorns.
The goat started goatin', and the snake started snakin',
The elephant started elephantin', and the boat started shaking'.
The mouse started squeakin', and the lion started roarin',
And everyone's aboard but the Unicorns.
I mean the green alligators and the long-neck geese,
The humpy bumpy camels and the chimpanzees.
Noah cried, "Close the door 'cause the rain is pourin'
And we just can't wait for them Unicorns."
Then the ark started movin', and it drifted with the tide,
And the Unicorns looked up from the rock and cried.
And the water come up and sort of floated them away
That's why you've never seen a Unicorn to this day.
You'll see a lot of alligators and a whole mess of geese.
You'll see humpy bumpy camels and lots of chimpanzees.
You'll see cats and rats and elephants,
But sure as you're born
You're never gonna see no Unicorns.

Shel Silverstein
(The Unicorn)

Bob Dylan -- May 24, 1941

image copyright origial owners

"There must be some way out of here," said the joker to the thief,
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."

"No reason to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything. -- Bob Dylan

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Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly(Greta Oto) is a brush-footed butterfly where its wings are transparent. The tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass. They are found in the range which extends throughout Central America into Mexico.

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This Place is Not a Place of Honor

image copyright origial ownersIf you look at it just right, the universal radiation warning symbol looks a bit like an angel. The circle in the middle could indicate the head, the lower part might be the body, and the upper two arms of the trefoil could represent the wings. Looking at it another way, one might see it as a wheel, a triangular boomerang, a circular saw blade, or any number of relatively benign objects. Whatever a person's first impression of it may be, someone unfamiliar with the symbol probably wouldn't guess that it means "Danger! These rocks shoot death rays!"
The U.S. Department of Energy has been grappling with that problem recently, as they designed the warning markers to use at Yucca Mountain and at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) nuclear waste storage facilities. There's no telling who might be around to exhume our radioactive sins in future centuries, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that warnings be erected which will warn away potential intruders for the next 10,000 years, whomever those intruders may be.
Ten thousand years ago, early humans were still painting images on the walls of caves. Some of those primitive messages managed to survive ten millennia, and they also remain somewhat meaningful. But of course our ancient cave-painting ancestors weren't attempting to illustrate complex ideas as far as we know.

The offending nuclear waste will be stored far underground at each of these facilities, but there is still a danger that future generations might stumble across it. WIPP is located in the desert outside Carlsbad, New Mexico, and its storage areas are located 2,150 feet underground. Yucca Mountain's facilities in the Nevada desert are intended to house waste at 1,000 feet deep. Between the two, they are meant to entomb tens of thousands of metric tons of nuclear waste, most of which will remain dangerous for centuries. Each of these locations was selected due to its relative geologic stability, theoretically allowing facilities there to contain the waste for the required 10,000 years. The essence of the message itself is simple: Warning, dangerous materials are buried below. But how to communicate this to all possible discoverers using an enduring medium?
To help answer this question during the preparations for the WIPP facility, panels of experts were assembled comprised of individuals with backgrounds in history, future studies, economics, law, physics, sociology, geography, engineering, political science, risk analysis, agriculture, climatology, history, and demographics. This group was called the Futures Panel, and they were tasked with creatively exploring the possible reasons why a future society might penetrate these deep underground storage facilities. They were also asked to advise on how to universally warn away would-be intruders.
The potential causes of future intrusion were imagined to be: water impoundment, resource exploration/extraction, scientific investigations, archaeological exploration, reopening the facilities for additional storage, waste disposal by injection wells, explosive testing, underground transportation tunnels, and weather modification. With these possibilities under consideration, the Futures Panel proceeded with the assumption that intelligent beings would halt any of these activities if the monuments were successful at conveying their warning.

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The Two Truths

"Very often," says Maurice Walshe in the introduction to his translation of the Long Discourses of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya), "the Buddha talks in the Suttas in terms of conventional or relative truth (sammuti-sacca), according to which people and things exist just as they appear to the naïve understanding. Elsewhere, however, when addressing and audience capable of appreciating his meaning, he speaks in terms of ultimate truth (paramattha-sacca)."
The notion of Two Truths goes entirely against the grain of what the Buddha taught. Siddhattha Gotama's teaching is not founded on absolutes of any kind. He avoids the deeply ingrained assumption of much religious thought that reality is somehow split down the middle (God and Creation / Brahman and Maya / Nirvana and Samsara / Emptiness and Form). Ironically, of course, such divisions are blatantly dualistic -- a position most Buddhists are supposed to be at pains to avoid.

It might come as a surprise, therefore -- particularly after having just read the words of an eminent translator of the Buddha's word -- to learn that nowhere among the discourses (sutta) in the Pali canon does the Buddha use such terms. This famous distinction between "relative" and "absolute" truth is entirely alien to these early texts. One can certainly interpret his teaching through the lens of such an idea (which, if you read the passage carefully, is what Maurice Walshe does) but bear in mind that the distinction itself is one the Buddha never employed.

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Alexander Pope
(22 May 1688 - 30 May 1744)

To err is human; to forgive, divine.
Alexander Pope

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene has Taoist and Buddhist concepts presented in first century Christian Semantics.

Jesus is quoted as saying that "All natures, all formed things, all creatures exist in and with one another and will again be resolved into their own roots, because the nature of matter is dissolved into the roots of its nature alone."

This is very similiar to the Taoist concept of Oneness as expressed in Chapter 34 of Tao Teh Ching, Speaking of the Tao it says "All things derive their life from it [Tao] All things return to it, and it contains them."

Another portion of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene describes a soul's journey after death and the challenges it overcomes. These passages are much like The Tibetan Book of the Dead which reveals the Peaceful and Wrathful Dieties a soul encounters during its journey after it has separated from the body at death.

This is very similiar to this portion of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, " When the soul had overcome the third power, it went upwards and saw the fourth power, (which) took seven forms. The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven {powers} of wrath."

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Lakeland International Raceway Ghost Track

A Look at Abandoned Lakeland International Raceway Near Memphis, Tennessee.

The 1999 release on video and DVD of Monte Hellman's film 'Two-Lane Blacktop' prompted me to pay a visit to the grounds of the Lakeland International Raceway; a track that made its debut on July 4th, 1960. (Ironically, 'Two-Lane Blacktop' made it's theatrical debut in New York City on the Fourth of July weekend too.) Incredible as it seems with all of the development going on in and around Lakeland these days that the track and surrounding acreage remains largely untouched; left to return to nature. Word is, the facility is slated to be developed within the next few years even as many of Lakeland's current residents are wary of overcrowding & traffic in their community.

Closed in 1979, this track saw a lot of action in its heyday hosting major NHRA, AHRA and IHRA events. The best names in drag racing have traveled this asphalt; Jungle Jim, Dyno Don, Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick, Shirl Greer, Bob Glidden, Lee Shepherd, Shirley Muldowney, Tommy Ivo, Gene Snow and many more! In 1972 Big Daddy Don Garlits set an AHRA national E.T. record, traversing Lakeland Raceway in 5.95 seconds.

A road course constructed on the site in the late 60's which integrated the dragstrip as a long straightaway even hosted SCCA and USAC races. A.J. Foyt, Roger McCluskey and Parnelli Jones competed here in the Memphis 200. After you tour the track, check out 'the old days' section, the article archive and the 'WHBQ' section where you'll see some of the exciting action that took place here.

If you have any stories, photos etc. to share related to Lakeland International Raceway feel free to contact me and sign the guestbook. I'm sure there are plenty of interesting memories out there. This site can serve as a gathering place for all things Lakeland International Raceway. (Thanks to all those who have contributed so far!)

In the meanwhile, enjoy your look around this ghost track.

*This dragstrip was such an intregal part of my youth, growing up in the early sixties -- I had forgotten it ever existed until lately -- really cool to look back at it, and sad to see it as it is...

r.i.p -- Machiko Soga

a random image
Machiko Soga (63) Japanese actress who is perhaps best known for her roles as playing the villian in many tokusatsu films and television shows such as playing Rita Repulsa in \"Mighty Morphin\" Power Rangers\" from 1993 to 1994 and also as the witch Bandora in \"Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger\" for many years and had aslo been a voice actress in many anime shows and video games, died of an undisclosed illness in Japan on May 7, 2006.

The Birthday of John Stuart Mill

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.

John Stuart Mill

Chapter II: Of the Liberty of Thought and Discussion

THE TIME, it is to be hoped, is gone by, when any defence would be necessary of the "liberty of the press" as one of the securities against corrupt or tyrannical government. No argument, we may suppose, can now be needed, against permitting a legislature or an executive, not identified in interest with the people, to prescribe opinions to them, and determine what doctrines or what arguments they shall be allowed to hear. This aspect of the question, besides, has been so often and so triumphantly enforced by preceding writers, that it needs not be specially insisted on in this place. Though the law of England, on the subject of the press, is as servile to this day as it was in the time of the Tudors, there is little danger of its being actually put in force against political discussion, except during some temporary panic, when fear of insurrection drives ministers and judges from their propriety; 1 and, speaking generally, it is not, in constitutional countries, to be apprehended, that the government, whether completely responsible to the people or not, will often attempt to control the expression of opinion, except when in doing so it makes itself the organ of the general intolerance of the public. Let us suppose, therefore, that the government is entirely at one with the people, and never thinks of exerting any power of coercion unless in agreement with what it conceives to be their voice. But I deny the right of the people to exercise such coercion, either by themselves or by their government. The power itself is illegitimate. The best government has no more title to it than the worst. It is as noxious, or more noxious, when exerted in accordance with public opinion, than when in opposition to it. If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind. Were an opinion a personal possession of no value except to the owner; if to be obstructed in the enjoyment of it were simply a private injury, it would make some difference whether the injury was inflicted only on a few persons or on many. But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.

John Stuart Mill

Humans, chimps 'got it on'

BEFORE they went their separate evolutionary ways, the ancestors of chimpanzees and people got up to plenty of, well, monkey business. Moreover, this went on for about four million years. The most detailed analysis conducted of human and chimpanzee DNA reveals that after an initial separation from a common ancestor, between five and six million years ago, the species continued interbreeding. The implication is that speciation - the separation from a common ancestor - wasn't the simple process scientists previously believed. Instead, it happened over millions of years during which "episodes" of hybridisation took place before the final separation into two distinct species, US researchers claim in a paper published online by Nature. "For the first time, we're able to see the details written out in the DNA," said biologist Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. "What they tell us at the least is that the human-chimp speciation was very unusual." According to Dr Lander and colleagues at Harvard University, they didn't expect to find evidence of human-chimp hybrids. "Hybridisation is commonly observed to play a role in speciation in plants, but evolutionary biologists do not generally view it as an important way to produce a new species in animals," said team leader Nick Patterson, a biostatistician at the Broad Institute. Geneticist David Reich, of Harvard Medical School, added: "That such evolutionary events have not been seen more often in animal species may simply be due to the fact that we have not been looking for them." While some experts in human evolution remain sceptical of some of the details, they are impressed nevertheless. "It's a totally cool and extremely clever analysis," said Harvard biological anthropologist Daniel Lieberman, who was not involved in the research. "My problem is imagining what it would be like to have a bipedal hominid and a chimpanzee viewing each other as appropriate mates, not to put it too crudely," he said. Previous studies comparing human and chimp DNA could only offer an estimate of how long ago the two species split by averaging the amount of divergence in their genes. Generally, those studies come up with a figure of about 7 million years. But thanks to the completion of the chimpanzee genome project in September, the team had about 800 times more data. That meant they were able to look at how specific sections of the genetic code evolved. For one thing, the new data suggest the human-chimp split was much closer to the present than the seven-million-years date that fossils and previous studies indicated - certainly no earlier than 6.3 million years ago, and more likely around 5.4 million. The data also show that the human-chimp split probably took four million years. That's because in some parts of the DNA sequence, the genetic difference between humans and chimps is so large that those genes must have been isolated from each other nearly 10 million years ago. But in other places, the human and chimp lines are so close that they appear to have still been swapping genetic material at least until 6.3 million years ago. One of those areas is the x-chromosome. Female chimps and humans have two x-chromosomes, while males have an x and a y. "The genes that are a barrier to speciation tend to be on the x-chromosome," team member Assistant Professor Reich said. But as interbreeding is known to place strong selective pressures on sex chromosomes, that would explain the discovery that the x-chromosome is some 1.2 million years younger than the rest of human chromosomes, the team suggested.


Birthday Wishes to Malcolm X

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.

Malcolm X


Fight Club

I love the background music to this -- truly turns a white-trash-chick-fight into a Fellini-esque work of art... ;)

Anarchists Against Terrorism

"You can't blow up a social relationship. The total collapse of this society would provide no guarantee about what would replace it. Unless a majority of people had the ideas and organization sufficient for creation of an alternative society, we would see the old world reassert itself because it is what people would be used to, what they believed in, what existed unchallenged in their own personalities.

Proponants of terrorism and guerrillaism are to be opposed because their actions are vangaurdist and authoritarian, because their ideas are wrong or unrelated to the results of their actions, because killing cannot be justified, and finally because their actions produce either repression with nothing in return or an authoritarian regime."

-from "You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship".

This project is dedicated to spreading the idea that terroristic methods are not methods anarchists should use in attaining political goals, from a tactical perspective; pointing out that it is in fact the state that is the real terrorist; and also examining the history and ways in which the misconceptions about anarchy being connected with violence and terrorism came about.

This web page was set up by anarchists for the benefit of the anarchist community, as well as the general public.

Paul Roussenq

The jailbird of Saint Gilles

Paul Roussenq was born in the rural Gard department, part of the southern French region of the Midi, in 1885. His mother had a long and painful delivery. His life was to continue as it had started: in suffering. His parents were day labourers working on the land, among the vines, the wheat fields and the meadows. Paul soon showed his independence, robustness and maturity. He began to read the anarchist papers Le Libertaire, Le Père Peinardand Les Temps Nouveaux.At the age of 14, he had already read the 19 volumes of the Universal Geography of the anarchist geographer Élisée Reclus. At the age of 16, he had an argument with his father and ran away. His stubbornness had made him fall out with his father over a minor disagreement, which he regretted all his life, as he never again saw his parents alive. He slept in barns, under trees, living from odd jobs and fruit found on the ground or picked. So, on 6 September 1901, he was sentenced for theft at the court of Aix in Provence, getting a six-month suspended sentence. Again in 1903 he was in court at Chambéry, receiving a three-month sentence for vagrancy which he appealed. At the appeal the prosecutor demanded prison for Paul. This was too much for him. Rising from his seat he cried out: ?What, going on the road, poor and penniless, is now criminal. But it?s precisely the rich who should go on trial, with all their crimes as exploiters!? The court demanded an apology. Paul refused, hurling a lump of hard bread in the prosecutor?s face. He was sentenced to five years in jail! He spent five years in Clairvaux prison and came out with his anarchist convictions reinforced. The police, the judiciary and the army appeared to him as resolute adversaries of free people and he developed a ferocious hatred of uniforms. He was immediately conscripted to serve in Africa. He wrote later: ?Barracks life is certainly the most brutalising under the skies... soldiers are just machines that obey?. But the battalions of Africa were worse than the barracks. These military camps were disciplinary institutions reserved for the stubborn, the rebellious and the recalcitrant. The stupidity and cruelty of the officers was celebrated and there had been campaigns of denunciations led against the torture carried out there. Paul had a violent argument with an officer. He was shut up in a cell. He had had a bellyful of prison, and set his bunk on fire. For this he received 20 years hard labour. He was sent to the dreaded penal colonies at Cayenne in French Guyana, the island prison hell made infamous in the book and film Papillon. By 1929, Roussenq had finished his 20 years hard labour. But an article of the law stipulated that a prisoner condemned to more than eight years must stay in Guyana for the rest of his life! The SRI led the campaign against this foul law. Demonstrations for his release were organised, and Roussenq?s letters began to be published in the French press. Finally, despite another short detention on trumped up charges, Paul returned to Paris in 1932, with an amnesty. He was welcomed at the station by a large crowd and said, ?My impressions are those of one of the damned leaving hell?. But in the meantime, both his parents and a sister had died. ... After the war he assisted in a strike of vineyard workers at Aimargues in 1948, helping the influential group of anarchists there. Twenty-five years of prison, constant hounding and persecution wherever he went in France, the impossibility of getting work because of his record, and the illnesses he had contracted in Guyana, which now caused him extreme pain, led him to take his life by drowning himself in the Adour river. He wrote to Élisée Perrier of the anarchist paper Le Libertaireon 3 August 1949; ?My dear Elisée, I am at the end. At Bayonne there is a great and beautiful river, and this evening, I will go in search of the great remedy for all suffering: Death?.


The 1%ers ~ OUTLAW RIDERS ~ ?60s STYLE

The outlaw motorcyclist has been a player on the American landscape at least since the end of WW II, getting their first taste of national recognition in Hollister, California in 1947 with the July 4th celebrations and motorcycle hill climb, that attracted cyclists and clubs from all over the state. It turned into 40 hours of lawlessness and a drunken ?take-over? of the town by rowdy motorcyclists and was the basis for the prize winning short story "Cyclists' Raid" by Frank Rooney which appeared in the January 1951 issue of Harper's Magazine and in turn was the origin of the Marlon Brando/Lee Marvin film The Wild One (1953).
The earliest magazine with an iconographic biker cover was the April 7, 1951 issue of the Saturday Evening Post that sported a painting by Stevan Dohanos depicting three small-town boys admiring a customized Panhead Harley with studded leather saddle bags and the name "Tex" on them, the title of the painting--"Isn't she a beauty!"
Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s incidents in various California towns involving clashes between townspeople, law enforcement and the seemingly growing numbers of ?outlaw? motorcycle clubs, were reported in local and national newspapers and magazines.
March 15, 1965 would be the beginning of the end of anonymity specifically for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and outlaw clubs in general as California Attorney General Thomas C. Lynch issued a fifteen page report that day that was based on ten years of study of, ?Hell?s Angels and other disreputable motorcycle clubs.? This report was the basis of most of the information that the press had to go on concerning the clubs, as can be seen in many of the magazine articles listed herein which quote and cite Lynch?s report.


Happy 70th Birthday, Wavy Gravy

Wavy Gravy (born Hugh Romney on May 15, 1936) is a life-long activist for peace and personal empowerment, best known for his hippie appearance, personality, and beliefs. The nickname was given to him by B.B. King. He is also the "official clown" of the Grateful Dead.

Happy Birthday, Brian Eno

Brian Eno co-founded art-rock band Roxy Music in the early 1970s, then embarked on his own recording career. A pioneer in "ambient" music, Eno has also collaborated with rock artists such as Robert Fripp, David Bowie, The Talking Heads, Devo and U2. Known primarily as an avant-garde experimenter in video, computers and music, he has also had commercial success as a producer and his music is often heard in movies and television commercials.

Just goes to prove that our minds are in the gutter...







"Git -R- Done!!!!!!!

Bush's best moment in office? Reeling in big perch

Sun May 7, 2006 11:01 AM BST

a random imageBERLIN (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush told a German newspaper his best moment in more than five years in office was catching a big perch in his own lake.

"You know, I've experienced many great moments and it's hard to name the best," Bush told weekly Bild am Sonntag when asked about his high point since becoming president in January 2001.

"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound (3.402 kilos) perch in my lake," he told the newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

Bush said the worst moment was September 11 when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

"In such a situation it takes a while before one understands what is happening," Bush said. "I would say that this was the hardest moment, once I had the real picture before my eyes."

Because Bild could not immediately furnish English quotes, Bush's comments were translated from the German. The paper said the White House planned to release an authorised English version of the interview on Monday.


2012 - Planetary Ascension year 2012

2012 - Planetary Ascension year 2012

2012 is by many separate sources of wisdom seen as being a portal into what some people call the Golden Age. 2012 marks, according to the The Mayan Calendar, the ending of Time as we know it and as something old die something new will be born. The Mayan perspective of 2012 and the current times we live in is very similar to the view of Kalki and the Golden Age Foundation who is also co-organising the Oneness Festival.

The concept of a coming Golden Age is widely recognised among many spiritual authors, spiritual traditions and teachers.

"I think that by 2012 you will have people that are enlightened (open, honest, caring, loving, united to the divine) and those that still seek humanity's lower natures (suffering, misery, hate, separation from the divine) but at least the scale may be tipping more toward enlightened."
Hermes Trismegistus

The End Of The Beginning

The synchronicity is building, a daily routine now for many, Many of us are manifesting our reality at an increase, daily also. We have reached critical mass for awhile now, and the domino effect is in full swing. There is so much energy these days its like a literal increase in electricity within our bodies.

Everything is changing, those that are still asleep are finding their lives being turned upside down, as they perceive it, and everything happening at once. The entire planet is awakening to remember our purpose here in the first place. To live in paradise. To celebrate life and become the spiritual beings we are, inhabiting this vessel we chose.

Everywhere you look is evidence for those who take the time to detach from the hustle of the coma life. Those who choose to think for themselves, express themselves and realize the Ancient hidden truths of life, of consciousness and spirituality. The illusions of 3D are wearing thin. There are many vibrating into the 4D now, through meditation, healing and raising their energy daily. Imagine 6 years from now....

Cisco Burger

Cisco Burger is "Now Accepting Applications for: Cashier, Busboys, Dishwashers, Cooks. Must have experience in the specific position you are applying for. Tattoos and Piercings are welcomed.

Jesse James / WCC's latest enterprise...the man is a money-makin' fool...

Rebels Without a Pause

Series of portraits by Muir Vidler for his project Rebels Without a Pause: Britain's ageing rebels and mavericks.

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In Our Backyard

If only McCain and Kennedy lived on ranches in southern Arizona.

By Leo W. Banks

I know how to kill the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill and the illusions that inspire it. We need every citizen to spend a day at John and Pat King's Anvil Ranch in southern Arizona. The experience would create an overnight revolution in America's view of this domestic crisis.

The Kings live every day with barking dogs, vandalism, guns at their bedside, trash on their land, and most tragically, human remains. The bodies of seven illegals were found on the 50,000-acre Anvil last year.

?Can you imagine dying of heat prostration out there?? says Pat King, a 62-year-old former nurse. ?It has got to be the most awful thing. I wish the two countries would get together and stop this. In this whole 50-mile area, there is no law. It's a frontier.?

I visited the Anvil a week ago Sunday. The night before, the Minutemen had wrapped up a month-long watch at the ranch, and the nationwide demonstrations to demand rights for illegal immigrants would begin the next morning.

I've visited many Arizona ranches, and it always surprises me how quickly I can travel from Tucson to a combat zone. It takes 50 minutes to reach Anvil's headquarters in heavily-crossed Altar Valley, located to the southwest of the city. Even with that proximity, most people in Tucson?to say nothing of Maine or Washington, D.C.?live in blissful ignorance of the worsening situation here.

When Pat discusses the problem with friends, they say, ?Don't you think you're exaggerating?? No one would ask that if they saw the 40 bicycles stacked against one of the Anvil's out-buildings. They're the favored means of transportation for drug smugglers, who pack their cargo onto saddlebags and pedal across our border, then abandon the bikes.

As for vandalism, Pat describes what they experience today as ?wanton,??water troughs filled with garbage, pipes cut, valves hammered to pieces. She jokes that they're thinking of putting a tetherball by the troughs to occupy the illegals so they aren't so destructive.

?You have to understand, we're under siege here,? she says. ?Every day my son and husband check water and fences and redo the damage they've done. Not to get on with our work, but to undo the damage. Every. Day.?

Micaela McGibbon, Pat's daughter, took me on a ranch tour, and in one mile we crossed 30 smuggling trails. In a wash, we inspected sophisticated brush huts in which illegals rest during trips north.

But this nightmare comes right to the Kings' doorstep. Imagine living under permanent stakeout. The Kings do. They removed mesquite trees from around their house because illegals would hide underneath them and wait for the house to empty.

For nine years, the family has been unable to leave home unless someone stays to guard against burglars. They celebrate Christmas in shifts. On Christmas Eve, Pat's son and daughter-in-law go to Tucson to visit family, and when they return John and Pat go on Christmas morning.

Micaela can no longer do chores unless accompanied by her father or a brother, and taking her 4-year-old daughter out on horseback is forbidden. ?We can't go anywhere without an escort,? Micaela says.

The Kings have complained to politicians and law enforcement for years. ?They talk this rule of law stuff, but it doesn't mean a thing,? Pat says. ?When you realize nothing's going to happen, you have to do self-protection.?

During their April watch, Minutemen spotted 1,501 illegals on the Anvil, and of these the Border Patrol arrested 500. But it turned into a circus. ACLU volunteers showed up every day to monitor and harass the Minutemen, at times sounding car horns and flashing lights to alert the illegals that the Border Patrol was coming.

This is the border crisis in microcosm?confused Americans rush to defend lawbreakers while ignoring, even demonizing, law-abiding citizens who suffer daily affronts to basic liberties on land their family has tended for 115 years.

The Anvil's location, 38 miles north of the border, means that by the time illegals arrive there, they've been walking for days and are sometimes in desperate shape.

Between May and August last year, cowboy Jason Cathcart found four sets of human remains. He came to dread spotting what looked like little white balls in the distance. Those ?balls? turned out to be human skulls.

In March, a man arrived at the Anvil's front gate so distraught that he ran into the yard and tried to impale himself on a pitchfork. Later he took up a bale hook and used the pointed end to slash his throat.

?This is what life is like in the Altar Valley,? says Pat.

Certainly the McCain-Kennedy bill will do nothing to change life here. Pat likens the bill, with its plan for amnesty, a guest-worker program, and negligible enforcement, to swatting flies in your house with the doors and windows wide open.

Ask yourself: Would the Altar Valley be a war zone if McCain lived here? If Kennedy's Hyannis Port compound were magically transplanted to southern Arizona, how long do you think it'd be before he rewrote his bill? The first time Kennedy saw 30 illegals dashing across his property, he'd trip over his Guatemalan lawn guy rushing to the Senate floor to demand enforcement.

That's one of the American tragedies at play here, the abandonment of ordinary citizens by our country's elites, and most strikingly, the abandonment of the very laws they themselves have written.

The resulting invasion has driven legal Arizona residents from their land, including John King's aunt. She lived south of the Anvil for more than 40 years, but sold out rather than keep fighting a battle the federal government has no intention of winning.

Pat thinks the street demonstrators?she calls them cowards?need to show their bravery by returning to Mexico and changing that country, not ours.

?We did that with the Boston Tea Party,? she says. ?We were taxed without representation and we rose up and changed it. I think the students in the streets and these young ACLU individuals here are being used. When you talk to them you realize it's all emotion. There's no logic. They don't have a clue.?

When it comes to what's really happening on our southern border, neither does the rest of the country. But that would change if every American spent a day at the Anvil.

?Leo W. Banks is a writer in Tucson.


The media has portrayed the immigration protests as orderly and peaceful yet in Santa Ana California alarming reports have emerged of illegal aliens swarming around in mobs invading schools, carrying out violent beatings and in one incident a county worker had a Mexican flag plunged into his chest.

Latino Americans For Immigration Reform spokeswoman and senatorial candidate Lupe Moreno appeared on The Alex Jones Show to discuss the two incidents.

She first described how on March 27th how a group of rioting Mexicans ran into a local Santa Ana high school and attempted to tear down an American flag. The school police and a police SWAT team had to stand guard to prevent the youths from getting to the flag. This story received no mainstream press coverage whatsoever during the first wave of immigration demonstrations.

Moreno said that the Mexican consulate had penetrated Californian schools with books teaching Hispanics that the American flag is a symbol of the enemy.

County workers in Santa Anna looked out of their windows on May 1st to see Mexicans beating other county workers and police before they rushed towards the government building and stormed it, stabbing one worker with a Mexican flag in the process.

Moreno described the stabbing as seen on a video tape of the incident.

"The men start running and then you can see all these people, and they weren't just kids, some adults and the kids were behind them, but you can see this guy chasing this man down and he plunges the stick of his flag pole into this man's chest."

In all, illegals had broken into five government buildings in the area, causing the county to take the decision to lock down all government buildings during planned demonstrations.

"Why are we letting this happen? It's like a trojan horse, they come bearing gifts to kill us," said Moreno.

"Our country is in serious serious trouble. My children do not want to live in the city they were born in anymore because we have been taken over so badly. 78 per cent of my neighbors are illegal aliens."

Why hasn't the media reported on these violent attacks and stabbings? How many more similar incidents have occurred without receiving any coverage whatsoever?

Moreno said that government workers were afraid that more attacks would take place to coincide with future immigration demonstrations.


Happy Birthday, Fats Domino....

I traveled all over for about 50 years, I love a lot of places and I've been a lot of places, (but) I just don't care to leave home.
Fats Domino

Mickey Jones

a random image... While in high school, Mickey met Trini Lopez, who offered him a steady job. It was his first real taste of living on the road -"nothin' but cokes and cheeseburgers." ... A young fan and frequenter of P.J.'s finally persuaded Mickey to team up with him for a fresh challenge. His name was Johnny Rivers. Together they recorded a string of hits including "Maybelline," "Mountain of Love," and "Secret Agent Man." During the following three years Mickey recorded seven albums and toured the world, including a trip to Vietnam with Rivers and Ann-Margret. ... Then another admirer entered Mickey's life. Bob Dylan noticed Mickey while he was playing at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, and a professional alliance began that lasted for years. The two became close friends as well. ... Through old acquaintances, The Smothers Brothers, Mickey was contacted by "four singers who needed a drummer." The four singers turned out to be the seed of what later grew into "The First Edition." Of their initial meetings Mickey remembered, "I was really impressed by their unique vocal sound and when we rehearsed it was like I'd known them all my life - everything just fell into place." This relationship was to last a decade. During that period "Kenny Rogers and The First Edition," with Mickey as drummer and singer, recorded a stack of albums and dozen of singles including "Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In," and "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town." The First Edition made a half dozen tours, a film and a TV series, "Rollin' On the River," which is still in reruns around the world. Engagements kept Mickey on an airplane 288 days in 1975. ... To not know Mickey Jones by name is understandable, but to not recognize him is surprising. Mickey has played hundreds of characters in films and on television, including his long stint on "Home Improvement"

Interesting man with an interesting life ...



May we Suggest


-- Well, at least everybody who feels ready for the responsibility of self-goverment. Those who still need a Big Daddy or a Big Momma to discipline and dominate them should vote for whatever furhrer or saviour they like best. If you want self-government don't vote for the Two Lying Bastards of the Democan and Republicrat parties.....or for any minority party that also wants to govern you....


We advocate
[1] guns for those who want them, no guns
forced on those who don't want them (pacfists, Quakers etc.)
[2] drugs for those who want them,
no drugs forced on those who don't want them (Christian Scientists etc.)
[3] an end to Tsarism and a return to constitutional democracy
[4] equal rights for ostriches.

The official flag: the Gadsden flag -- the oldest American flag of all

Official motto: "Like what you like, enjoy what you enjoy, don't be afraid to make slurping sounds, and don't take crap from anybody"

First order of business on assuming office: Fire 33% of the Congress [names selected at random] and replace them with full-grown adult ostritches, whose mysterious and awesome dignity will elevate the suidaen barbarity long established there.

Both the pro-gun people and the dopers [medical, religious and/or receational] feel like minorities, and the TSOG [Tsarist Occupation Government] agrees with this estimate of their weakness. Our contention holds that in the West both groups working together make a MAJORITY. Ergo, they have much to gain and nowt to lose in combining forces. Each side only has to realize this and agree "We'll tolerate their hobbies if they'll tolerate ours" and we can drive the Tsarists back to Russia!

On the block....

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar....

a random image
No one who has seen a baby sinking back satiated from the breast and falling asleep with flushed cheeks and a blissful smile can escape the reflection that this picture persists as a prototype of the expression of sexual satisfaction in later life.

Happy Birthday, Sigmund Freud; you ol' stinker, you!!

Mexico Drug Law / Users Tourism Boom

Mexico?s new proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs would have a spectacular, if perhaps unintended, impact on the Mexican economy. As the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world, Mexico could now become Earth?s most sought after party place. Drug legalization has certainly helped Amsterdam to attract a certain hippie-type clientele, but Mexico could cash in big time. Promotions like the Love Bus to Mexico, and the Cancun Spring Break Hash Bash, would be a moneymaking bonanza. However it is not clear if the Mexican Senate even realized this when they passed this bill. Supposedly, the rationale is that the law will free up police resources to enable cops to focus on big time drug dealers. Apparently, President Vicente Fox has already said that he will sign the legislation. There are only two possible explanations for this law. Either the Mexican Senate is incapable of foreseeing the most basic implications of its actions, or else they knew exactly what they were doing.

Either scenario is seriously scary.

Earth's Artificial Ring: Project West Ford

a random image
At the height of the Cold War in the late 1950s, all international communications were either sent through undersea cables or bounced off of the natural ionosphere. The United States military was concerned that the Soviets (or other "Hostile Actors") might cut those cables, forcing the unpredictable ionosphere to be the only means of communication with overseas forces. The Space Age had just begun, and the communications satellites we rely on today existed only in the sketches of futurists.

Nevertheless, the US Military looked to space to help solve their communications weakness. Their solution was to create an artificial ionosphere. In May 1963, the US Air Force launched 480 million tiny copper needles that briefly created a ring encircling the entire globe. They called it Project West Ford. The engineers behind the project hoped that it would serve as a prototype for two more permanent rings that would forever guarantee their ability to communicate across the globe.

The project itself was a virtually unqualified success. Though the first launch ended in failure, the second launch went without a hitch on May 10th, 1963. Inside the West Ford spacecraft, the needles were packed densely together in blocks made of a napthalene gel that would rapidly evaporate in space. This entire package of needles weighed only 20 kg. After being released, the hundreds of millions of copper needles gradually spread throughout their entire orbit over a period of two months. The final donut-shaped cloud was 15 km wide and 30 km thick and encircled the globe at an altitude of 3700 km.


American by Gods Amazing Grace

Bottom of my boots sure are gettin' worn
there's a lot of holes in this faded uniform
My hands are black with dirt and so is my face
I aint never been to hell
but it couldn't be any worse than this place.
Tell my wife don't worry 'cause I know what to do
it makes you feel better sometimes, but don't know if it's true.
I know if I die it's just my time to go
but I pray to God every day that I may get back home.

Well when you've seen what I've seen
things don't seem so bad
quit worrying 'bout what you aint got, thank God for what you have
'Cause I could be raising my family in this place
but I was born an American
by Gods Amazing Grace.

For the last twelve months I've had a new address
the neighborhood smells like sewerage and the streets are lined with trash.
You never know what's gonna be the next thing to explode
but unlike these people, I have another home.
It breaks my heart to see these kids out on the streets
walking barefoot through the trash, diggin' for something to eat.
I give them what I got, just to let them know I care
and I thank God it's not my son that's standing there.

Well when you've seen what I've seen
things don't seem so bad
quit worrying 'bout what you aint got, thank God for what you have
'Cause I could be raising my family in this place
but I was born an American
by Gods Amazing Grace.

You want to talk about it, you better keep it short
cause I got a lot of lost time I gotta make up for.
Really don't care why Bush went in to Iraq
I know what I done there and I'm damn sure proud of that.
You got somethin' bad to say about the USA
you better save it for different ears 'less you want to crawl away.
And I laugh in your face when you say you've got it bad
until you've spent some time on the streets of Baghdad

Well when you've seen what I've seen
things don't seem so bad
quit worrying 'bout what you aint got, thank God for what you have
'Cause you could be raising your family in this place
but you were born in America, By God's Amazing Grace!!!!

Luke Stricklin ~ American by Gods Amazing Grace

Happy Birthday, Nic....

a random imageBefore all else, be armed.
Niccolo Machiavelli

Happy Birthday, Godfather of Soul...

a random image
The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.
~James Brown


Rachel Papo Photography

a random imagePhotographer Rachel Papo presents Serial No. 3817131, a project showing Israeli female soldiers during their two-year mandatory military service.

The life of an eighteen-year-old girl in Israel is interrupted when she is plucked out of her environment at an age when sexual, educational, and family values are at their highest exploration point. She is then placed in a rigorous institution, where individuality becomes a secondary matter, making room for nationalism. ?I solemnly swear?to devote all of my strength and to sacrifice my life to protect the land and the liberty of Israel,? repeats the newly recruited soldier during her swearing-in ceremony. She enters the two-year period in which she will change from a girl to a woman, a teenager to an adult, all under a militaristic, masculine environment, and in the confines of an army that is engaged in daily war and conflict.