The End Of The Beginning

The synchronicity is building, a daily routine now for many, Many of us are manifesting our reality at an increase, daily also. We have reached critical mass for awhile now, and the domino effect is in full swing. There is so much energy these days its like a literal increase in electricity within our bodies.

Everything is changing, those that are still asleep are finding their lives being turned upside down, as they perceive it, and everything happening at once. The entire planet is awakening to remember our purpose here in the first place. To live in paradise. To celebrate life and become the spiritual beings we are, inhabiting this vessel we chose.

Everywhere you look is evidence for those who take the time to detach from the hustle of the coma life. Those who choose to think for themselves, express themselves and realize the Ancient hidden truths of life, of consciousness and spirituality. The illusions of 3D are wearing thin. There are many vibrating into the 4D now, through meditation, healing and raising their energy daily. Imagine 6 years from now....


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