Mexico Drug Law / Users Tourism Boom

Mexico?s new proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs would have a spectacular, if perhaps unintended, impact on the Mexican economy. As the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world, Mexico could now become Earth?s most sought after party place. Drug legalization has certainly helped Amsterdam to attract a certain hippie-type clientele, but Mexico could cash in big time. Promotions like the Love Bus to Mexico, and the Cancun Spring Break Hash Bash, would be a moneymaking bonanza. However it is not clear if the Mexican Senate even realized this when they passed this bill. Supposedly, the rationale is that the law will free up police resources to enable cops to focus on big time drug dealers. Apparently, President Vicente Fox has already said that he will sign the legislation. There are only two possible explanations for this law. Either the Mexican Senate is incapable of foreseeing the most basic implications of its actions, or else they knew exactly what they were doing.

Either scenario is seriously scary.


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