Dark Side of Oz

It will probably take you a few tries to get the synch lined up just right so be patient. First load the Dark Side of the Moon CD into your CD player and hit PLAY (>) and then immediately hit PAUSE (II) so it is cued up and ready to roll. Be sure also to set your CD player to continuous replay. This in most CD players is done by hitting the "REPEAT" button twice. Hitting it once will repeat only the presently playing track so hit the button two (2) times and it will replay the CD over and over. The CD will play roughly two and a quarter times through the entire length of the movie. Now start the video and get past all the preview junk (about five minutes worth on the THX voersion) at the beginning and watch for the BLACK & WHITE MGM lion to roar.
I've done this experiment quite a few times, and I'll have to admit that there are a lot of coincidental events and themes. Although Pink Floyd has never admitted to doing such a thing (except Roger, who stays quiet when asked), there are just a few points that should be examined. I guess you'll just have to come to your own conclusion. It's just the way it is with this band. But one thing this experiment does do is bring the theme of The Dark Side to life, whether it was intentional or not. In other words, IT'S WORTH DOING! This page was brought to life to explore a possible theme for this great controversy. Hope you enjoy the show!

After the BLACK &WHITE MGM Lion roars for the THIRD (3rd) time IMMEDIATELY hit the play button on the CD player. Be sure to turn down the sound on the TV because the dialogue and original soundtrack are not necessary for this experiment. "The Dark Side of the Moon" will provide all the sound you need. For your most enjoyment make sure you get number one in the list below exactly right. Don't worry if you have to restart it a few times. The effect is worth the trouble. I have discovered some problems with a few of the compact stereos with the CD player on the top. They either do not have a "repeat" function or the response is a bit delayed.. Therefore your results after the first playthrough will probably vary from this list. Just get the first one listed below correct and you will at least get the first and best playthough just fine.


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