The legend of Screech's endowment

Dustin Diamond who played the infamous "Screech" on Saved By The Bell was on Howard Stern this morning, and of course Howard couldn?t wait to ask about the urban legend that he is massively hung. And it turns out it's no rumor, Screech has 10 inches! (unerect)

Screech was the quintessential "skinny and rubbery-faced nerd" on Saved By The Bell (clumsy, goofy, loud clothes, hot for science and chess). We love that he had this secret side to him all along. As one caller put it "who knew he was the one we should have focused on". Never underestimate a nerd.

Fez may be packing heat, but little old Screech has got him beat! More from the Stern interview below...

Diamond's girlfriend was there to verify and he talked about some unusual problems he's had with his giant size over the years. There was a funny line that when he was born his dad said he was "all nose and hose".

And he's had the typical messed up life of child star since the days of the show. He now lives in Wisconsin, has bad credit, is about to loose his house, and he has a website where he's selling t-shirts to try and save it. Get an autographed t-shirt from a child actor on the slide for only $20!


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