Where the Death Numbers Come From?

There is no magic to coming up with the number of coalition dead from our war on Iraq . Our sources are not secret. In fact, our primary source is the U.S. government. Any private individual or news organization who wishes to keep track of war dead gets their information from this same source. Whenever a death occurs, CENTCOM (the United States Central Command in Tampa , FL ) issues a brief news release that gives the bare facts about the incident: when it happened, how it happened, and the soldier?s regiment, if known. The only information not provided at this point is the soldier?s name. These releases are published regularly on the Internet at: http://www.centcom.mil/ After the soldier?s relatives are notified of the death, the U.S. Department of Defense then issues its own news release that gives the soldier?s name, age, unit and hometown. Again, these can be found on the Internet here: http://www.defenselink.mil/releases/ The trouble with this system of notification, however, is that the government provides no tally of those releases. That is why this web site was developed... to provide information that has been scrupulously culled from government sources and cross-checked against other existing lists to ensure the most accurate and complete accounting of deaths that we can possibly assemble.

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