The Prisoner's Handbook

...written by a group of 'old-heads' (longtime prisoners) in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections:

"A prison psychology specialist, suggested that I write a little 'handbook' or guide for prisoners who are new to jail. After some thought, I got together with a few other "old-heads." Between us we've got over 100 years in Pennsylvania hell-holes. We know our sh*t! We came up with this little list of suggestions for the tens of thousands of young ment who are being railroaded into prison, Pennsylvania's fastest growning business. If you have a husband, son or friend who's been thrown into prison in the past year or so, I suggest that you print out this handbook and send it to him.

Rule 6: Don't comment on your cell-partner's personal habits. Farts, snoring, toilet practices and so forth are personal traits which you must learn to tolerate, or you must change cell-partners. Criticizing personal habits is, generally speaking, counter productive. Remember that you have personal habits which irritate your cell-partner. Talking about them just adds to the irritation.

Rule 13: Help those prisoners that you find you are able to help. Share your criminal skins with them. After all, that's what prison is all about: education in crime. But, where you're able, go beyond grooming the other guy to be a more skilled crook. If you can help him read or write, or work on the law, try to do those things. Conversely, never belittle or make fun of the thousands of prisoners who can't read, can't write and can't perform simple intellectual chores. In most cases, if the guys could read and write, they wouldn't be in prison in the first place. Then where would Pennsylvania's rednecks be?

Rule 20:
Do one day at a time. It's an old cliche, but it's true. Live for today. Chances are that tomorrow will come.

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